Compliance Program


Quality Health Plans of New York Inc., (“QHPNY”) is committed to serving its members, providers and government and business partners through the delivery of ethical and quality services. The goal of QHPNY’s Compliance Program is to allow the company to fulfill its responsibilities by creating an organizational environment based on ethical principles and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, regulatory transmittals, sub-regulatory guidance and policies and procedures that governs its business.


In keeping with its compliance goals the Company has adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”) which outlines the principles that aids the company’s directors, officers and employees in making ethical and legal decisions when conducting the Company’s business and performing their day-to-day duties. The Code is reviewed at least annually by the Company’s Board of Directors and Compliance Committee to reflect current regulatory guidance and revisions to the company’s policies and procedures.


Click HERE to review the: Code of Business Conduct and Ethics – January 10, 2014.