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Welcome to Quality Health Plans of New York, the smart alternative to Medicare. Open Enrollment is over now for Medicare Health Plans until next October. Generally, you only have from October 15th to December 7th to make changes to the way you receive Medicare and you may have to live with your choice for the next full year but there are exceptions -- notable exceptions.

In the Medicare health plans world we have Special Election Periods that allow you to enroll outside the Open Enrollment Period. You can have a Special Election Period if you just turned 65 or otherwise became eligible for Medicare. You can have one if you just moved to our service delivery area, Nassau, Queens, Richmond or Suffolk County in New York. Then, there are special needs plans in which you may enroll anytime of the year if you meet the eligibility criteria. We have one type of special needs plan for those with certain chronic illnesses, in this case, diabetes, a cardiovascular disorder and/or chronic heart failure. We have another type for those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Yes, we have some great new Medicare health plans for 2015 -- you may be able to sign up for one today. Don't decide you're not eligible on your own. Call Us Today! Let one of our Medicare Benefits Consultants help you get the plan you want and deserve if at all possible. See for yourself.  Look over our plans today and learn why we say, Quality Health Plans of New York is the place "Where Quality Health Care Begins



Quality Health Plans of New York, Inc. ("QHPNY") is a physician owned Medicare Advantage HMO that is committed to providing our members with the highest caliber, most effective and innovative health care programs in the industry. We proudly offer comprehensive and competitively priced Medicare health plans to beneficiaries in Nassau, Queens, Richmond or Suffolk county in New York. Most of these plans are offered with $0 plan premium.  To learn more about the Medicare health plans offered by Quality Health Plans of New York, please click the 2015 button below for more information.


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